Silver World Award

The Silver World Award is a distinguished service award similar to the Silver Buffalo, Silver Antelope, and Silver Beaver awards. The BSA offers the Silver World Award to recognize distinguished international service. The following criteria are used to determine who may receive the award:

    • The award may be presented to citizens of any country whose Scout association is a member of the World Organization of the Scout Movement, in recognition of exceptional service by an individual to the youth of their own country on an international basis.

    • The recipient does not have to be a member of a Scout association. United States citizens may receive the Silver World Award for international service to youth, provided they are not registered members of the Boy Scouts of America.

    • Approved awards may be presented by an authorized member of the Boy Scouts of America, either by a personal visit with the recipient or at an official meeting of a National Scout Association, including the BSA.

    • Nominations will be reviewed by and selections made by a subcommittee of the National Court of Honor.

    • Nominations are made in writing by letter, stating all the pertinent facts about an individual in support of the nomination.

    • As evidence of the award, a certificate duly authorized by the Boy Scouts of America is presented.

The award is a circular blue enamel silver medallion upon which Silver World Award are superimposed meridian lines and stars, signifying the global scope of the award. A silver universal badge of the Boy Scouts of America is centered on the front of the medallion.

The award is suspended by a red and white ribbon that is worn about the neck of the recipient, when such practice does not conflict with approved uniforming policy.

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