International Activity Patch

This badge has been discontinued and replaced with the International Spirit Award.
Those that earned it before it was discontinued may still wear it, but it can no longer be earned.

The International Activity Patch may be awarded to youth and adult Scouters who participate in International activities. The SDIC International Scouting Committee has defined this as fulfilling at least four of the following twelve criteria.

    1. Host a group of foreign students at a dinner, meeting or campout weekend, and plan activities to help you learn about their countries.

    2. Plan and execute an international dinner, inviting foreign Scouts as guests or serving an ethnic meal.

    3. Participate in an International Scout Jamboree or Camporee.

    4. Host a group of Scouts on tour in your area.

    5. Visit a local Scout group while your Scout group is touring another country.

    6. Participate in Jamboree-on-the-Air.

    7. Experience the World Friendship Fund campfire program with your unit.

    8. Visit a foreign embassy or consulate and learn about its function.

    9. Earn the Interpreter Strip.

    10. Earn or Instruct the Citizenship in the World merit badge.

    11. Participate in an International theme program at a unit meeting. Display international badges, pins, stamps, etc.

    12. Collect information about Scouting in another country and make a presentation at a Unit meeting.


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