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Several times each year the Boy Scouts of America are invited to international and national events in other countries. The BSA International Division sends contingents of Boy Scouts, Venturing Scouts, and unit leaders as "ambassadors" to these events and usually subsidizes a portion of the expense. This is a great opportunity for the BSA to connect with the world, interacting with local scouts and scout leaders at those special events. It provides our BSA scouts and adults an excellent opportunity to learn about other countries, people, and cultures through Scouting activities, learning new Scouting skills and making new friendships as part of the adventure.

Depending on the location, time, and availability of Direct Service units, attendees and budgets, a contingent may be formed for an international event. Once a contingent formation is approved, BSA Scouts and Scout leaders are selected to join this Boy Scout troop or Venturing crew contingent. The BSA tries to send contingents that represent geographical diversity. Contingents are formed with Scouts and Scout leaders from all over the country, not just from one troop or crew in one council.

Atlanta Area Council Boy Scouts and Venture Scouts are often invited to participate in these contingents. To qualify for an International Contingent, Scouts and Scout Leaders must be nominated by their Council International Representative and approved by their Council Scout Executive. The application form is then sent to the BSA International Department

If you are interested in being part of an International contingent, please contact our AAC IC International Representative, Mike Gulledge, who will explain the selection criteria for specific contingents. If you meet the qualifications for a contingent, he will ask you to complete an International Contingent Youth Nomination Form or an International Contingent Leader Nomination Form, explaining in detail your qualifications and providing your Scoutmaster or Venturing Advisor as a personal reference. Once the form has been reviewed and approved by the International Representative and the AACIC Staff Advisor, you will be registered with the International Division as a candidate. In most cases youth participants must be 15 to 17 years old at the time of the event, and adult leaders must be 21 or older; however, International Rover events, such as the XIX Central America Moot, specify a youth age range from 17 to 24 years old. For these events only older Boy Scouts and Venturing Scouts are eligible.

National Contingent Support Needed

Atlanta Area Council Contingent Support Needed. Contact Mike Gulledge, 678-852-6535



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